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Lost or Stolen Debit Card


Q & A about your Debit Card


The best way to use your new Debit card is:
 - At ATM's
 - For Dining & Dept. Stores
 - For Groceries & Gas

How Does a Debit Card work?
It works just like a check at stores, restaurants and other Master Card merchants. You present the card to the cashier, sign the receipt and your purchase is deducted right from your checking account. If you use it to place a phone order, just give your card number and the expiration date to the order representative. At ATM's it works just like a regular ATM card and you use your PIN (personal ID number). Never give out your PIN number!

When I shop, I present it just like a credit card but it's not a credit card is it?
No, it is not a credit card. It is a debit card. It is accepted at merchants like a credit card; the difference is that your purchases will be deducted from your Buckeye checking account (so there will be no interest charges)!

Be sure to choose the "credit" option at merchants to avoid any ATM fees (instead of choosing "Debit" and entering your PIN#).

Are there any fees when I use it?
There is no charge for using your debit card at Master Card merchants for a purchase, however, when you use your card at an ATM machine or use your PIN number, our STAR, Money Station, Plus & Pulse ATM networks fees will remain the same as they have been in the past. Please see the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure for more information.

Are there spending limits for my check card?
You can spend up to the balance in your checking account, or $2,500 per day in purchases whichever is less. At the ATM, you still may withdraw up to $500 cash per day. If you need a temporary raise in spending limit for a large ticket item, you may call the office during weekdays 9-5 and we can program it for you.

Is it possible to overdraw my checking account when I use the Debit card?
YES! If you use your balance to make a purchase and then checks try to clear later in the day, you might have an over-draft. NSF fee is $35. Important: to make purchases with your card, you must have the money in your checking. Master Card cannot draw from shares.

Will my check card purchases appear on my monthly checking account statement?
Yes. When you shop with your check card, the amount, date, and even the place where you used it will appear on your statement, along with regular checks and ATM transactions. Having it all on one statement is a great help with record keeping.

When I use my Debit Card, are funds withdrawn instantly from my account?
Always assume that it happens immediately, although it could take a few days to show up on your account.

What do I do if my Debit Card is lost or stolen?

Call 1-800-264-5578 to cancel the card. After the card has been cancelled, contact your local branch. For branch information, click here










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Keep records of all correspondence
Accurate and complete records will help you to resolve your identity theft case more quickly.
    • Keep the originals of supporting documents, like police reports and letters to and from creditors, send copies only.
    • Set up filing system for easy access to your paperwork.
    • Keep old files even if you believe your case is closed.

Contact account issuer in question
Have a plan when you contact a company. Don’t assume that the person you talk to will give you all the information or help you need. Prepare a list of questions to ask the representative, as well as information about your identity theft. Don’t end the call until you’re sure you understand everything you’ve been told. If you need more help, ask to speak to a supervisor.

    • Write down the name of everyone you talk to, what he or she tells you and the date the conversation occurred.
    • Follow up in writing with all contacts you’ve made on the phone or in person.

Contact the fraud department for the three major credit bureaus

Additional Resources

Contact your local police department

Notify law enforcement (police department)where Identity theft occurred

    • Obtain copies from any/all police reports

Contact US Postal Inspection Service Office

Contact United States Secret Service (USSS) local field office

    • Investigates financial crimes
    • Will intervene if amount is $250,000 or more
    • Still notify in case part of larger fraud ring

Contact State Department of Justice

If you suspect your name or SSN being used by an Identity Thief to get a Drivers License or non-Drivers ID Card

    • Contact the Department of Motor Vehicle

    • Contact Service Provider If Identity Thief establishes a new phone service in your name, unauthorized calls, using calling card and pin
    • Contact State Public Utility Commission for local Service Providers or the Federal Communications Commission for long distance service & cellular providers at 1-888-CALL-FCC or

Contact Social Security Administration (SSA)

    • 1-800-269-0271 Fraud hotline
    • Report Fraudulent use of your SSN
    • “May” (very rare) issue new SSN

Contact Internal Revenue Service 1-800-829-0433

    • Suspect improper use of ID in connection with tax violations

If you believe an identity thief has tampered with your securities investments or a brokerage account

    • Contact your broker
    • Contact the Securities & Exchange Commission

Contact utility companies

Contact major check verification companies if Bank accounts set up using Identity theft

    • Chex Systems (closed checking accounts) 800-428-9623
    • Cross Check 800-522-1900
    • Equifax 800-437-5120
    • National Processing Co. (NPC) 800-526-5380
    • CheckRite 800-766-2748
    • SCAN 800-262-7771
    • Telecheck 800-710-9898

If a victim of Internet Fraud
file a complaint at

For more information
visit on Identity Theft.


What Victims of Identity Theft need to do:


Helpful Hints -Disaster Planning



Disaster Planning can be viewed with Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, it is a free download at PLEASE NOTE! When you click on a link that takes you to another site, you are leaving the credit union web site and anything you do on that site is not subject to the BSCU disclosures
Click the image to view the Disaster Planning PDF >>









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