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Savings Account



Your Savings Account at Buckeye State Credit Union is really called a “Share Account". That’s because you’re a “shareholder,” making you an owner in the credit union. Everyone who owns a share in the credit union is equal, regardless of how much money is in their savings account.


Regular Checking












Overdraft Privilege

This service allows us to pay as a courtesy returned checks you write up to $1000 maximum, including fees. Each returned item we pay is subject to our standard NSF fee of $35. You automatically qualify for Overdraft Privilege when your checking account is open for 30 or more days, remain a member in good standing, and make regular or direct deposits to your account. Negative balances must be brought positive at least once each 30 days. Ask an MSR for more information about overdraft privilege.

Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction
Automatically deposit the entire amount of your paycheck, Social Security, pension or other recurring checks into your Checking Account through Direct Deposit. Payroll Deduction allows you to deposit a portion of your paycheck into your credit union account easily. With either service, your check will never be lost, misplaced, or stolen.

FREE Internet Banking

Access your accounts form the privacy of your home or office from the internet. To apply for internet banking, click here

FREE Bill Pay

Pay your bills form the privacy of your home or office via the internet. To apply for Bill Pay sign up for internet banking, once you have your log in, click on "Bill Pay Plus" and enroll.

24-Hour Teller Line

This audio response system allows you to answer your account questions from the privacy of your home or office. By calling on our touch-tone phone number, you may complete the following business anytime:

    Listen to the last 10 checks cleared

    Listen to balances

    Transfer money

    Request a check

    Change your pin number

    Search for a cleared share draft

24-Hour Teller number : 855-327-8903   ( For instructions, click here )

Technically, your checking account is called a “Share Draft Account.” That’s because what you are really doing is writing a “draft” against your shares with the credit union.
  • $25.00 to open
  • $3.00 monthly account maintenance fee on all checking accounts
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Overdraft protection available
  • No per-check charges
  • Unlimited over-the-counter transactions
  • FREE internet banking



Second Chance Checking



Have you been turned down for a checking account?
Second Checking
  • -Too many overdrafts
  • -Late deposits
  • -Miscalculation of the time that a check can clear
  • -Hoping a merchant would honor post dated checks
  • -Inability to keep the checkbook balanced or figure out your actual balance
  • -Listed on ChexSystems or have unpaid balances at a bank or other credit union

    We may have the solution for you: Second Chance Checking

How Second Chance Checking works

If you want to enjoy the benefits and advantages of our electronic checking with free debit card, free internet banking , no minimum balance required and a $1000 line of credit , then that will be your reward when you enroll and complete our Second Chance Checking program.

  • You will need to complete and pass our checking account management course, workbook form, or online at
  • A deposit of $40 is needed to open the Second Chance Checking account.
  • $3 monthly maintenance checking account fee applies.
  • Second Chance checking has an additional monthly fee of $15 whether you write checks in that month or not.
  • Overdrafts will be returned and carry a charge of $35.
  • Check printing costs will depend on the style you order.
  • After your printing costs are paid, there is no minimum balance requirement for your account.
  • Second chance checking comes with free internet banking ( you can check your balance 24 hours a day for easy balancing) and free bill pay.
  • If you go for 6 months without an overdraft, you may apply for an ATM card and be eligible for our Shared Branching network (6,700 branch offices across the US).
  • If you go 1 year with no overdrafts, you will be switched to our electronic checking , as described above.







Senior Checking for retirees 60 and over



  • FREE checks (basic style only, member responisble for shipping cost)
  • Monthly fee waived on ATM packages when you have $1,000 on deposit (aggregate total in all share and club accounts).













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